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    Realistically with Liz Interview - September 2020

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    "It did not begin with 'Getting rid of things' – It began with envisioning a life in which I could live every day embodying my highest self in the most positive and supportive environment.


    My Journey

    Influenced by family habits of holding tight to things and concern over losing them in "the shuffle", I spent most of my life collecting papers, mementos, and clothing that changed according to my size and job description. When I read the Magical Art of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, I was inspired to tidy up my own living space. In doing so I discovered a vision of a life beyond my day-to-day; a life filled with music and joy and living my dream of helping people to be organized and find the freedom that I have found. Clinging to old belongings invited comparison with my old self, guilt about unfulfilled dreams gone by, and ideas of who I once thought I was supposed to be. The process was freeing because instead of being trapped in constraints of the past dreams, I was able to envision my highest and Best Self as I imagined her to be. Tidying my space was like a portal to a new life and a new beginning!


    It is my greatest hope that I can share this experience with you. You deserve to feel that freedom in your own life and to release your past and make way for your very Best Self.


    Q&A for Tidying

    Where should I begin?

    By envisioning the life you want to lead. This step is crucial to manifesting your longer term goals and is the cornerstone of my process. Experiment with vision boards! Journal about your ideal life! And then contact me to schedule a free consultation.

    Can changing my environment really change my life?

    Very simply, yes. Real change happens when we understand what supports what we most want to be and do and then we align ourselves with things that support that story. Wanting change is not enough. If you desire a certain outcome, you can create an environment that gets you closer towards your desired way of life.

    Do you offer private consultations?

    Yes! Please contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation for information about webinars, partner programs, and private consultations.

    What do I do with items I am saying goodbye to?

    There are many resources for donating items including Goodwill and the Salvation Army. Silkroll and Thred Up are other options for services that collect clothing by sending a bag straight to your door! In New York City we have fabric recycling at Greenmarkets across the 5 boroughs as well as donation bins near grocery stores and other public areas. If you need assistance in this area, please contact me for a free consultation.

  • Testimonials

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    The Closet Cleanse Experience

    ChiChi attended a virtual closet cleanse workshop with big results!

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    Creating a Sacred Space

    Jamie attended a virtual workshop and then signed up to work with me on creating space for him to have both a music production and practice room as well as space for his family.

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    Coach Dani Faust

    A Tidying Journey

    Dani & I worked to tidy her entire family home - starting with clothes, all the way through sentimental items. The process was 6 weekend of 3-4 hour sessions.

  • Feel the freedom of a tidied home!

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    The Closet Cleanse

    An intro. to the KonMari method


    (3-4 hrs or as needed)

    3-4 hours of hands-on support

    Email/ Text support

    Virtual or in-person



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    A La Carte

    For when you're clearing at your own pace

    (books, papers, miscellaneous, sentimental)



    (1 session of 3-4 hrs)

    3-4 hours of hands-on support

    Email/ Text support

    Virtual or in-person


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    The Tidying Festival

    For when you're ready to clear your entire home



    (6 sessions of 3-4 hrs)

    Hands-on support throughout

    Email/ Text support with guides

    Virtual or in-person